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Abstract Surface

Selected List of Works

For all inquiries, please contact, or use the contact form.

* Indicates sheet music available for purchase. For those without a star next to it, ask me anyway if interested.

Solo Works

Awakening (2021), for solo piano, 3’30”, Commissioned by Kris Rucinski

* Yakusugi Image (2021), for piano and electronics, 6’48, Written for Kevin Der

* The below is as the above, And the above as the below (2020), for solo violoncello, 7’40", Written for Ashley Walters

Little Path to Summer (2020), for solo piano, 9’, Commissioned by Jixue Yang

* Diagonal Swing (2019), for solo violin, 6’, Written for Kate Dreyfuss

* Shades of E (2019), for solo piano, 7’, Written for Gloria Cheng

* Those Cold Winter Rains (2019), for harpsichord, 6’. Composition won third prize in SIMM 2019 harpsichord composition contest

* Overlooking View (2016, 2018 ed.), for solo piano, 9'. Commissioned by Julan Wang.

浪淘沙 Lang Tao Sha (2016), for soprano and live electronics, 6’. Written for Mengchun Yang, Collaborated with Zhixin Xu.

Chamber Works

The Poetics (2022-23), for flute, saxophone, two percussionists, two pianists, and string quartet, ca. 30’—in progress

  • Available movements: * Around G, * Gently Morphed, * Arcs.

  • Around G instrumentation: flute, soprano saxophone, percussion, piano (duration: ca. 5').

  • Gently Morphed instrumentation: flute, alto saxophone, two percussion, two piano, violin, cello.

  • Arcs uses the full instrumentation.

    • Gently Morphed and Arcs can be played attacca (duration: ca. 10'30").​

* Ondulation (2021), for string quartet, 9'. Commissioned by Ciompi Quartet.

* Toward a Convergence (2021), for two percussionists and two pianists, 6’33”. Written for 2021 Yarn/Wire International Institute.

* Two Elastically Centered Canons (2021), for flute and soprano saxophone, 7’. Written for Carla Copeland-Burns and Susan Fancher.

* Stranding, Whalefall (2020), for flute, violin, violoncello, percussion, and piano, 8'. Commissioned by Weekend of Chamber Music.

* Toward a Rediscovery (2020, 12'; 2022 ed., 8'), for woodwind quintet. Written for Imani Winds.

  • Both versions' scores and parts are available.

* scenes that lie outside time and place (2020), for two melodicas and two toy pianos, 4’30”

* Wobbly Wobbly Wobbly (2019), for melodica, violoncello, piano, and percussion, 5’

* It’s Faraway (2019), for oboe, violoncello, harpsichord, and percussion, 2019, 7’

* Remaining Sense (2019), for string quartet, 16’. Written for JACK Quartet.

* The Plasma that Sparks the Fire, The Liquid that Brings the Hurricane (2018), for percussion trio, 8’30”. Written for Line Upon Line Percussion.

Chaconne Miniatures (2017), for flute, violoncello, and harpsichord, 7’

* Shadow Phase (2016)for saxophone and drum sets, 7’30”. Commissioned by Patchwork Duo.

Septa Thresholds (2016), for melodica and string quartet, 18’

Edited in 2017, Five Thresholds, for melodica and string quartet, 11’

Orchestral Works

* Silence in Between (2020), for orchestra, 11'

  • 3[picc]3[Eh]22, 4331, timpani, 2 percussion, piano, harp, and strings

…Toward… (2015) for orchestra, 7’

  • 3[picc]3[Eh]3[B.Cl]3[C.Bsn], 4331, timpani, 3 percussion, piano, harp, and strings

空境 Aero (2014), for erhu and orchestra

  • 2222, 4231, timpani, 4 percussion, erhu solo, and strings

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