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Concrete Wall

am a composer, keyboardist, and educator based in Durham, NC. In my teaching, I like to cultivate a supportive environment where students can feel safe making mistakes and trying out new things. I also like to implement interactive activities, so students can apply what they learned immediately to in-class activities. Check out my full bio for more info.

As a Ph.D. Candidate at Duke University, I have taught Introduction to Music Theory (22S, Link to Syllabus), Music Theory lab 1, diatonic harmony (21F, Link to Syllabus), and Theory lab 2, chromatic harmonyAdditionally, I have been the Teaching Assistant for Introduction to Composition, Counterpoint, and Introduction to Electronic Music at Duke University.

As an educator at Synthase, I teach AP Music Theory Group Tutoring, Composition Lab, and private lessons on AP Music Theory, Composition, ABRSM Theory and Musicianship, and more.

Teaching Statement - Link to PDF

CV - Link to PDF

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